CVS to stop selling Cigarettes

So I just was playing around on my phone, uhm I mean doing very important business, and I came across a few people on facebook posting this link. Its an article about the drugstore chain CVS planning on pulling cigarettes, cigars and all other tobacco products from their shelves in ALL of their stores by October of this year!! How difficult must it be for people trying so hard to quit smoking to go to buy their Nicorette patches or gum and having to stare at the hundreds of packs of cigarettes lining the walls behind the checkout stand tempting them and calling their names in a taunting whisper…Well, maybe it isn’t quite so dramatic but I’m sure it might as well be. Luckily the CEO of CVS has come to a realization that for a store that is trying to promote health and wellness its pretty contradicting for them to even be offering tobacco products at all. They are willing to sacrifice the profits that they generate from tobacco sales (about $2 BILLION dollars) to help Americans on their journey to wellness.

I think that this is such a massive WIN for healthcare in our country. CVS is pioneering a movement wherein profits are not whats most important. What I’m hearing them say is “Hey America, we value your lives more than we value a few extra bucks in our pockets.” Wouldn’t it be great if more companies felt this way? How many lives would be saved if McDonalds, for instance, put their salads on the dollar menu instead of those nasty “cheeseburgers?” Or if you could go to 7-11 and their bananas were cheaper than a candy bar? A girl can dream…

What do you think about this decision? What kind of real impact do you think it will have? And what other companies do you want to see making changes like this?